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Creating a new lease of life for much loved belongings and making something individual and unique from treasured  possessions. stitching buttons, shortening trousers, taking in a dress or adjusting the length of a jacket.

Totally bespoke tailoring, alterations and repairs service to cater to your every need.

 Rejuvenate your  designer clobber including leather, suede and fur garments, bags or boots and of course replace zippers.




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Over 25 years of experience of making, mending and altering fashions and furnishings using electronic modern sewing and embroidery machines... alongside vintage mechanical  and traditional hand methods to create a fully customised and individual repairing and altering service with skill and care.




Simple stitching of seams and hems can make a nice garment into something bespoke and fitted. A well fitted garment with darts and accents in perfect proportions by tapering and adding panels with perfect seams can make you look and feel stylish and dapper.



Sometimes despite knowing exactly what you want and need you just can't find what you are looking for on the high street or online. Bespoke and custom dresses, skirts jackets and other garments can be made from scratch with your choice of material and design.




Garments such as expensive jackets and coats that have lost their appeal due to holes and worn areas despite fitting beautifully and being really comfortable to wear can be rejuvenated with invisible mending or attractive patches from leather or suede.



Up-cycling and re-purposing is the latest trend,. Making something different 'new' from old and by combining shirts and skirts, or jackets and cardigans, and many other combos unique and eyecatching 'quirky' designs can be achieved.



Mending Repurposing Benefits

Money Saving

Mending Repurposing Benefits

Eco Friendly

Mending Repurposing Benefits

Bespoke Personal


Individual Unique




What I do and Why... Refashion or Repurpose??? ..... I mend and make do... emergency repairs a speciality, I love re-purposing and designing accessories and gifts from old worn out clothes and pre-loved leather textile or woollen items and am excited to now offer this service to customers. I offer  repairs and mending and alterations for clothes and accessories from sheer and silky to heavy and bulky including leather and heavy textiles (using my own vintage Singer 29K boot-patcher machine).... 


I have always been bitten by the bug to make do and mend my Dad taught me to repair and create alternative uses for everyday items and to find ways of making do with what we already have....... and I have been crafting sewing knitting and crochet since my teenage years.....I made clothes and accessories for dolls and teddies, then went on to take orders for  crochet waistcoats and sundresses for my school friends...


I love crafting and creating. I started out making do and mending and repairing stuff for myself because I hated wasting anything and belonging to a family of collectors (sometimes known as hoarders).... I have collected an array of modern, vintage and antique machines and tools and I now use them to make re-purposed and embellished items.


I have over 25 years of experience and skills in most fixing mending and repurposing matters... as I have usually mended or altered an item before.

I have three antique Circular Sock Machines and two Vintage Hand Sewing Machines including a Singer 29K Boot Patcher.


I can also repair and re-purpose special items for you in my own workshop to gain new life from treasured accessories and possessions such as leather coats, boots and bags, using the techniques I love most      ......... using my antique sock machines and felting wool and other yarns, as well as using my giant crochet hook on rag yarns and carrier bags, inventing ways to re-use all the brightly coloured plastic that otherwise gets thrown away turning it into beads and baubles....


My items are never really duplicated but are always very unique and mostly useful..... some say shabby chic, quirky or eco kind.

Don't throw it away, send it my way and we can make something useful and lovely from discarded clothes and textiles. :-)

I can provide inspirational crafty up-cycling from your pre-loved treasures and together we can create new from old.




Some interesting links....

William Morris quote....“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ― William Morris

Therese DE Dillmont -Encyclopaedia of Needlework...

The Guardian - The rise of mending: how Britain learned to repair clothes again - an article about Repurposing....






  • Hems lengthen or shorten


  • Seams take in or let out.


  • Tapering re-shape re-fashion.


  • Darts for better fitting.


  • Panels make larger.


FROM £10





  • Zipper repair.


  • Buttons and buttonholes


  • Torn fabric ripped seams.


  • Worn elbows.


  • Pockets flapping.


FROM £12





  • Sewing of all types.


  • Dressmaking.


  • Curtains.


  • Cushions.


  • Table runners.


FROM £18




Make your favourite clothes and accessories last longer, mend rips and tears or replace buttons, zippers and fastenings to keep using a much loved coat or bag..



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